Aviation of WWII
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Boeings of 325th and 327th Bomb Squadron on May 1943 at Alconbury

(Rus)  Ground crews cycle along the Alconbury perimeter track bound for the mess hall on a bright day in May 1943.

The nearest aircraft is YB-40 25745/UX:H of the 327th Bomb Squadron, the only unit to be equipped with this type. Fitted with an extra top turret, the first nose 'chin turret' and extra guns in the waist positions, the type was intended to act as a flying dreadnought to protect other Fortresses. It was not a success, being heavy, slow and just as vulnerable to fighter attack as standard B-17s.

The far Fortress is a B-17F, 23165/NV:G of the 325th Bomb Squadron. It was shot down by flak on 26 November 1943, seven of the crew being killed and three made POWs. (1WM D15131)