Aviation of WWII
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Liberator B-24D 'Teggie Ann', 123754 under service at Alconbury

(Rus)  The first USAAF bomber group equipped with B-24D Liberators arrived in the United Kingdom in September 1942 and a second—less one squadron—in October. With a better range and load capability, the type was in great demand, particularly for antisubmarine work. Consequently pressing requirements elsewhere resulted in no more B-24 units becoming operational in the UK for eleven months, and those already on hand were often diverted to other tasks or detached to North Africa. Teggie Ann, 123754, seen here under service at Alconbury, was usually flown by the 93rd Bomb Group CO or his deputy. The bomber's career was terminated when the aircraft was crash-landed in Turkey in August 1943. (USAAF)