Aviation of WWII
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Liberator B-24H 27598/E, 'Flak Ducker' at Overberg, the Netherlands

(Rus)  The 392 nd Bomb Group was more fortunate than most on the 6 March 1944 mission to Berlin in that only one of its number failed to return. B-24H 27598/E, Flak Ducker, was seen to have No 3 engine feathered before the target and to jettison its bombs. Lagging behind, it was last seen leaving the formation near the German border although still in normal flight. A wheels-down landing was attempted in a cow pasture at Overberg, the Netherlands, which was successful but for a collapsed nose wheel. Lt Erling Hestad and crew were all taken prisoner and the Luftwaffe presented with a little-harmed Liberator which they repaired and flew. (RNAF)