Aviation of WWII
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B-25J "Mitchell"

Medium Bomber

North American

The B-25J Mitchell, 35 Sq, 8 BG, AF China, 1944. © Michael Bykov

The B-25J Mitchell, 35 Sq, 8 BG, AF China, 1944.

B-25 Mitchell in accordance to Lend-Lease terms were delivered and in other countries of a coalition — Great Britain, Australia, France, Holland, 861 in various modifications were delivered in the USSR.

First machines (B - 25B) were delivered by a sea way in USSR at the end of 1941 year. B-25 in the USSR used for armies support. Further B-25 (modifications C/D, later were delivered and J) were applied for different long-range actions.

B-25J Specification
Crew 7
Wing span, m (ft) 20.60 (67.6)
Wing area, m2 (sq ft) 56.67 (610)
Length, m (ft) 16.13 (52.9)
Height, m (ft) 4,83 (15.85)
2 X Wright R-2600-29 'Cyclone' 14-cyl. radials, hp 2 x 1700
Empty weight, kg (lb) 9,061 (19,976)
Loaded weight, kg (lb) 16,500 (36,376)
Maximum speed at altitude 4572m(ft) , km/h (mph) 442 (275)
Service Ceiling, m(ft) 7255 (23.800)
Service range, km (mi) 4350 (2,700)
12x12.7-mm .50, bombs int. 1816 (4,000 lb)



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