Aviation of WWII
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Boeing 17G 239776 RD:K of the 306th Bomb Group

(Rus)  While sunshine has found a gap in the November clouds, Tar Heel Peggy undergoes an engine test. The slipstream from Nos 3 and 4 whips the rain puddles from the Thurleigh hardstanding. The aircraft was one of the first B-l7Gs received by the 306th Bomb Group, this model best distinguished by the so-called 'chin' turret under the nose. However, from a pilot's viewpoint the most important advance was the replacement of hydraulic turbo-supercharger controls by electric, thereby eliminating the high-altitude freezing difficulties that plagued the former. This particular B-17G, 239776 RD:K, was lost during Big Week (third week of February 1944) operations with Lt John Coughlin's crew, half of whom were killed. (USAAF)