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BTD-1 Destroyer
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BTD Destroyer

The Destroyer XSB2D-1 prototype was a two-seater dive bomber with good aerodynamics, an internal bomb bay and, for the first time among carrier-based aircraft, was equipped with a retractable nose landing gear. The Navy has issued new specifications for the dive bomber / torpedo bomber, and the XSB2D-1 has been modified to suit them. The vehicle became one-seater, two 20-mm cannons were installed in the wing, the bomb bay was increased, the fuel supply was increased, and brake flaps were installed on the sides of the fuselage.

BTD-1 Specification
Crew 1
Wingspan, m 13.72
Wings area, m² 34.65
Length, m 11.76
Height, m 4.14
1 PE Wright R-3350-14 Cyclone 18, power, h.p. 2300
Weight, kg
Empty 5244
Gross weight 8618
Maximum speed, km/h 554
Cruising speed, km/h 465
Service ceiling 7195
Service range, km 2382
Two 20 mm cannons, 1 torpedo or bombs, kg 1451

According to the contract dated 08/31/1943, the company was supposed to produce 358 aircraft, which received the designation BTD-1 and retained the name Destroyer. Deliveries of the aircraft began in June 1944, but only 28 were built before the order was canceled shortly after the victory over Japan. The Destroyer's flight performance was disappointing, and these vehicles never made it to combat units.

Photo Description
Drawing XSB2D-1

Drawing XSB2D-1

Drawing BTD-1

Drawing BTD-1


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BTD-1 Destroyer