Aviation of Wold War II

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On June 15, 1916, the first flight of one of two B&W seaplanes, built by William Boeing with the help of naval engineer George Konrad Westervelt, took place, and on July 15, The Pacific Aero Products Company was founded by Boeing in Seattle.

On May 9, 1917, the company was renamed Boeing Airplane Company.

During World War II, Boeing built a huge number of bombers. During these war years, the major US aviation companies merged. The B-17 Flying Fortress bomber developed by Boeing was also assembled at Lockheed Aircraft Corp. and Douglas Aircraft Co., and the B-29 was also assembled at the Bell Aircraft Co. and Glenn L. Martin Company.

Flight Manuals

Boeing B-17 of 91st BG. The raid on Osnabruck, December 22 1943