Aviation of WWII
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Liberator 27535/U of the 68th Bomb Squadron on 5 November 1943 at Shipdham

(Rus)  Liberator 27535/U Peep Sight, of the 68th Bomb Squadron, had seven wounded crew members, a disabled No 4 engine, large cannon-shell holes in the fuselage, tail and right wing, damaged control cables and instruments and a flat tyre when it put down at Shipdham after the Münster mission of 5 November 1943. Flying on the outer side of the formation, it had been picked out in an attack by FW 190s. Pilot Lt R. A. Parker managed to bring the cripple home and is seen (with back-pack parachute) talking to other members of the crew while the three more seriously injured men are removed. The bomber was repaired and later used for transport work. (USAAF)