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Model 18 Lodestar
Medium Transport Aircraft

Lockheed Lodestar C-60A 'Classy Chassy'

The Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar, a twin-engined, 18-seat civilian or military passenger or transport aircraft, was a heavily modified version of the Model-14-H2 Super Electra. First flight on September 21, 1939.

Compared to the Super Electra, the Model 18 had a 1.7 m longer fuselage, was able to accommodate up to 18 people in a military transport version and was operated by a crew of three. With a more powerful propulsion system, see the table, the aircraft reached a maximum speed of 428 km / h at an altitude of 5230 m. At a lower cruising speed, the aircraft had a greater practical range of 4025 km.

The US Department of War first showed interest in the Model 18 Lodestar in 1940, when the US Navy ordered three command transport aircraft. Soon a similar delivery was made for the Coast Guard Corps.

Depending on the engines used and the main purpose, Model 18 was produced and used under various designations (C-56, C-57, C-60 with various letter indices, R50). These aircraft were followed by 12 examples in the R 50-4 modification, 41 in the R50-5 modification and 35 in the R50-6 modification. The last three models were, respectively, 4, 7-seater command aircraft, 14 passenger and 18 seater transports, used by the Marine Corps as an amphibious aircraft.

Lockheed Model-14-WF62
Super Electra
18 (C-60A-5)
Crew 2 3
Wing span, m 19.96
Wing area, m² 51.19
Length, m 13.51 15.19
Height, m 3.48 3.60
2 PE 9 pistons, radial, Wright SGR-1820-F62 R-1820-87
power, h.p. 2×900 2×1200
Weight, kg:
Empty 4,876 5,670
Loaded weight 7,099 7,938
Gross weight 7,938 9,825
Maximum speed, km/h 402 428
Cruising speed, km/h 346 322
Service ceiling, m 7,500 7,740
Service range, km 3,420 4,025
Payload, passengers 12-14 18

A total of 625 aircraft were produced in various modifications, differing in engine types, cabin layouts and purpose. The Model 18 was also used by the Air Force of the Netherlands and Great Britain as an ambulance and a plane for the transport of command officers.

Photo Description
С-56 Lodestar

С-56 Lodestar in flight


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Lodestar Lockheed 18