Aviation of WWII
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Pilot`s Notes Airacobra Pilot`s Notes

Pilot`s flight operating instructions for ARMY MODEL P-39Q-1 AIRPLANE

Accumulator Pressure reservoir
Battery Accumulator
Check valve Nonreturn valve
Cotter pin Split pin
Inverter Motor generator (ac to dc)
Lean mixture Weak mixture
Life raft Dinghy
Lock washer Spring washer
Manifold pressure Boost
(Inches of mercury above zero) Change of 2.036 inches 23.92 inches of mercury 50.2 inches of mercury (Pounds per square inch from 0 at sea level) Change of 1 pound boost 0 pounds boost 10 pounds boost
Oleo strut Compression leg
Piston pin Gudgeon pin
Propeller Airscrew
Low pitch Fine pitch
High pitch Coarse pitch
Radio mast Rod aerial
Reticle (gun sight) Graticule
Snap roll Flick roll
Stabilizer Tail plane
Tachometer Revolution counter
Tow target Drouge target
Wrench Spanner