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P-43 "Lancer"



Republic P-43

Republic P-43 Lancer is a single-engine all-metal cantilever monoplane with retractable landing gear. It was designed by Alexander Mikhailovich Kartveli following the P-35 and XP-41. First flight, March 1940

Since the serial production of the new R-2800 Double Wasp engine, which was supposed to equip the developed R-47, had not yet been deployed, to load the conveyor of the Republic plant in Farmingdale USAAC at the end of 1940 ordered another batch of 54 P-43 Lancer instead of canceled order for 80 R-44.

Serial numbers of virtually identical YP-43 aircraft were from 41-6668 to 41-6721. The aircraft were powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1830-47 14-cylinder air-cooled radial engine with a turbocharger, which developed a take-off power of 1200 hp. The first P-43 was delivered on May 16, 1941, the last aircraft was delivered to the army on August 28, 1941.

In 1942-1943, 108 vehicles were delivered to China. In total, about 250 fighters of various modifications were built.

Specification P-43
Crew 1
Wing span, m 10.97
Wing area, m² 20.72
Length, m 8.69
Height, m 4.27
1 PE Pratt Whitney R-1830-47 1200 hp
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 2,565
Loaded weight 3,542
Gross weight 3,599
Maximum speed, km/h 562
Maximum rate of climb, m/min 869
Service ceiling, m 11580
two 12.7 mm Colt-Browning machine guns with synchronizers and
two 7.62 mm Colt-Browning machine guns in the wing

Photo Description
Drawing P-43 Lancer

Drawing P-43 Lancer

P-43B "Lancer"

Reconnaissance Aircraft

Republic P-43B / D / E Lancer is a reconnaissance version of the P-43 single-seat fighter. Designed in KB "Republic Aviation Corporation" under the direction of A.M. Kartveli. The armament is the same as that of the P-43 / 43A - two 12.7 mm machine guns. The lead production copy of the P-43 was tested in May 1941. The aircraft was built at the Republican plant in Farmingdale. About 150 reconnaissance vehicles were produced. Photo reconnaissance aircraft based on the P-43 / P-43A have been in service in the United States since the summer of 1941, in Australia since August 1942. All modifications of the P-43 were discontinued in 1942.

Reconnaissance variants of the Lancer were used in combat operations in the Southwest Pacific by the American and Australian Air Forces in 1942-43. They were removed from service in the United States and Australia in 1943.


  • R-43V photo reconnaissance aircraft with R-1830-35 engine based on R-43
  • The P-43C was similar to the P-43B, but differed in photographic equipment.
  • P-43D photo reconnaissance aircraft with R-1830-47 engine based on Р-43А.
  • R-43E photo reconnaissance aircraft with R-1830-47 engine based on R-43A-1.
P-43 in China


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