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P-51A/C "Mustang"


North American

P-51 Mustang

In a history is not fighter, equal to a multi-purpose Mustang. P-51 perfectly work in a role long-range exort fighter, fighter - bomber, the reconnaissance aircraft, an airplane of air support and dive bomber, and also was a success as the service transport machine (Cross Country and Pulon Racer).

To begin the present great warplane, association of engine Rolls-Royce Merlin with a glider of the Mustang was required.

Life P-51B began at the end of 1942 as two prototype XP-51B, with engine V-1650-3.

Increase of flight performances appeared rather essential. Speed about 627,5 km/h on P-51A has been increased up to 709,6 km/h on P-51B. Now USAAF had the machine which could be compared under similar flight performances to last models Bf.109 and Fw.190. Manufacture of an airplane began at the end of 1942.

P-51B (C)-1, 5 and 10 were supplied with engine Rolls-Royce Merlin V-1650-3, and series 15, 5, 10 and 11 it was established V-1650-7. Maximum speed on 7620 m was within of 706 km/h.

The armament has consistent of four 12,7-mm of machine guns with an approximate unit of fire of 1300 cartridges. Two bomb crutch have been designed for the suspension of 227-kg of a bomb or an expendable fuel tank in capacity from 284 up to 568 l everyone. Range made 2092 km.

P-51A Specification
Crew 1
Wing span, m 11.28
Length, m 9.83
Height, m 3.71
Allison V-1710-81, hp 1200
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 3110
Loaded weight 4812
Maximum speed, km/h 706
Service ceiling, m 11200
Service range, km 2092
4 X 12.7-mm machine guns in wing, one bomb under rear fuselage, kg 227


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