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TBM "Avenger"


General Motors

TBM-1C in flight

Industrial powers of Grumman were not sufficient that the General Motors Company was also contracted to build airplane Avenger, under the designation TBM-1, beginning in September 1942.

Power plant: 14-cylinder radial engine of air cooling Wright R-2600-20 Cyclone 1900 hp (1417 kw), three-blade a screw. Additional expendable tanks on 20 l were fixed on external outer wings. For flight on ferry range in bomb bay the expendable tank on 1040 l could be fixed.

Till September, 1945 7546 airplanes TBM of various modifications were produced.

Over 1,000 TBF/TBMs (initially called Tarpon Mk I, and later designated Avenger Mk I) were also used by the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm in both Atlantic and Pacific theaters.

TBM Specification
Crew 3
Wing span, m 16.51
Wing area, m2 45.52
Length, m 12.2
Height, m 5.00
PE Wright R-2600-8 Cyclone, hp 1700
Weight, kg:
Empty weight (TBF-1C) 4788
Maximum takeoff weight 7876
Maximum speed, km/h 436
Service ceiling, m 6830
Service range, km 1778
2 × 12.7-mm machine guns in the wing and one 7.62-mm machine gun in the turret 2 + 1
Internal bomb load, kg 907

Photo Description
Drawing TBM-3

Drawing TBM-3

Drawing TBM-3E

Drawing TBM-3E

The TBM-3E from Royal Canadian Navy at 1950

The TBM-3E from Royal Canadian Navy at 1950


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Avenger in flight