Aviation of WWII
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Photos and Drawings

Photo Description

Curtiss H 75A-3 "Hawk" Drawing

Curtiss Tomahawk IIA Drawing

Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk Drawing

Curtiss Helldiver SB2C-1

Curtiss Helldiver SB2C-3

Curtiss P-40 (39-184).

Curtiss P-40B.

Curtiss. P-40E Kittihawk in USSR.

Curtiss. P-40

The P-40K group over the liberated Crimea.

Curtiss. P40 from 126-th IAP, near Moskow at December 1941. Tomahawk IIA P-40B # AH-965. KIA, Ridniy Stepan on the Tomahawk IIB P-40C # AK-325.

Curtiss. "Yorktown", SB2C-1 from CV-10 Squadron.

Curtiss. "Yorktown", SB2C-3 from CV-10 Squadron.